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Testimonial – Warehouse & Logistical News

Armourshield: Firmly on the ground

Armourshield supply and install high quality industrial and commercial flooring across the UK.

Our team’s knowledge and expertise – combined with the use of the best quality products and latest technology – ensures we’ll find the perfect solution for your flooring needs.

We install quality flooring in locations such as factories, warehouses, airports, offices, shopping centres, food production areas, sporting facilities and garages. Our operatives have the experience and know-how to ensure that your floor is finished to the highest quality and will perform for many years to come.

Our flooring solutions provide a durable, safe and attractive floor. Perfect for both commercial and industrial flooring, to help keep the surface clean, safe and durable. We offer market specific colour collections, tailor-made logos, line marking and textures that dignify great design.

Concrete floors can be strong and long lasting. However, the surface or wear layer is usually the weakest part of the concrete. The near surface wear layer receives most of the wear and abuse that comes with an active facility. Concrete is porous and is capable of absorbing, oil, dirt, and washdown chemicals that penetrate deep into the natural recesses of the concrete. This contamination results in the premature destruction of the concrete and accelerated wear and chemical attack. The porous surface is hard to clean once it becomes contaminated.

Slip and stain resistant epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings and overlay are designed specifically to deal with these environments and offer solutions that permit the business to continue to operate as a safe, clean and productive workplace.

We work with you directly – formulating and installing long-term solutions for industrial and commercial environments. Available for both new construction and retrofit/refurb projects.

Applications may include:


A formulated system used to create decorative, long lasting, hygienic and protective surfacing of concrete and many other rigid and semi-rigid surfaces including wood and tiles. This is a suitable floor finish for all types of commercial, industrial, retail and domestic environments where a hard wearing, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing finish is required.


A formulated system used for many years to provide durable, hygienic and protective surfacing of concrete floors and many other rigid surfaces. Used extensively in the food, aviation, engineering, electronic, chemical, and printing industries. The High Build surface is smooth or may be finished as a slip resistant finish.


A 2-component, waterbased epoxy floor finish. Suitable as a durable and seamless coloured finish for cement-bonded and anhydrite-bonded sub-floors.


A 2-component, solventfree, poly- urethane based, 2 to 3 mm thick self-levelling floor resin. Suitable as an aesthetic, durable, seamless, coloured self- levelling resin for steel, asphalt, cementbonded and anhydritebonded sub-floors.


A 2-component, waterbased pigmented floor finish based on aliphatic polyurethanes. To be used as a durable, uv-stable, mat / satin finish for suitable synthetic resin floors, particularly suitable as a finish for self-levelling polyurethane floors.


“Our unit in Coulsdon was totally transformed by Armourshield. We recently acquired an industrial unit of 650m2 which had an old asbestos tiled floor and the whole building was basically run down. Over the Christmas period Armourshield were able to remove the old floor and replace with a modern epoxy resin floor and also spray coat the walls to bring the building back to life. We would have no hesitation in recommending Armourshield to anyone else requiring similar work”. –

Michael Budgen- Director Wilmot Budgen Ltd).