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Encapsulated Resin flooring

Encapsulated flooring is used to create eye catching walls, floors, worktops designs.

Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring is any floor that is designed to comply with the requirements of each type of industry. Movement of load, chemical products, aesthetics and durability. There is a variety of flooring to choose from Epoxy, polyurethane or PMMA resin? Anti-skid, chemical-resistant or closed-pore. Our team’s experience and knowledge will guide you choosing the floor that meets your industrial requirements.

Sports Flooring

Multipurpose Sports hall flooring needs to accommodate many different uses. Sports halls are likely to welcome sports activities (such as PE for schools, gym sessions, football & basketball) and non sports activities (such as dancing, trade fairs & local activities). Our experts have developed a range of vinyl sports hall flooring that will satisfy the needs for all these varied activities.